Love Being A Baby

I was alwayse in diaprs since I was born I had a problem so my parents never botherd training me. one day, wen I was 13 I started to have fewer accedents but I was still in diapers, I stayed with my aunt for a week while my parents were on vacation in the past years wen I stayed with my ant I remember she wold alwase keep me in diapers even wen I stoped weting one day wen I was with her It was around mid day I had been in my diaper for the hole day it was mainly used to wet but now I had to poop I tride to holde it but it came out my aunt came over and looked at me and orderd me to lay down were she changed me after that expierince I asked my aunt If I colde just use my diaper as my toilet she just looked at me and smiled and sed yes from then on I never used the toilet at my aunts hous she wolde change me just like a baby and soon she wolde treat me like one. I had two yunger cousins one was 4 the other was 3 the 3 year olde was in training pants and the 4 year olde was potty trained I was the only one in diapers. during my stay I expected to stay in the gesed bed room but my aunt led me to the nursery that she had for her kids wen they wer babys. I was silent I didn't know what to say so I asked her what we wer doing in the nurshry she sed this is were I wold be sleeping sinc I was in diapers. I tride to argue with her but it didn't werk. so I went for my bag of close but my aunt toled me she had my close she left the nurshery and came back with only 3 paires of baby close I agen was shocked but didn't say a werd she toled me that becaus I wor diapers and becaus she had to take care of me that I was going to treat me like a baby. she then tolde me to take off my close. I was about to protest but relised it whode do no good so I striped to my uder pants she then came over and took them off to and led me to the changing table where she diaperd me she then ( becaus I wade only 69 lb.) carred me down stares to eat she poot me in the high chare and fed me for the rest of the week I was in nothing but diapers I had a passifire and a bottle. the second day I woke up to a wet diaper wich was nothing unushule my aunt changed me and the day went on but later I felt like I had to poop I held it for as long as I colde but it started to slip so I let it out it was then that my week got interresting I started to enjoy being babyed I started peeing and pooping my diaper without thinking during the day and at night I even started acting like a baby. wen the week was over my parents wer stund to see me peeing and pooping during the day so I toled them about my week and asked them If I colde be a teenage baby they thot about it and agreed. I'm still a baby if i'm not with my aunt or my parents i'm in the daycare all the kids are 3 to 5 and im the only one in diapers and they treet me just like a baby to make changing easer I ware nothing but diapers wile in the daycare and at home and at my aunts but she likes to dress me up in baby close she has to make things fun. to save mony I wear one diaper a day that I poop and pee in like 3 to 4 times befor they change me and I love it.

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I wish my family was that understanding thanks for your inspiring story

wow i am kind of like you i get treated like a baby i go to school come back and my mom says i have to be in diapers until i go to school i love it when i have a wet diaper she changes me i have a pacifire i love it

introduce me to ur aunt?