I Love My Job, Too

today, i finally did it. lunch time rolled around and food didn't sound nearly as appealing to me as did the idea of a nap. ever since i discovered that the doors to my office lock from the inside, the idea of pulling them closed and catching a few winks in the middle of the day has taken hold of my imagination. well today, was the day.

the air conditioner in this place shoots out at full bore and it's hard to sleep with chattering teeth, so i took mental inventory of any items i had with me which i could use to cover up. that's when i remembered that, in the trunk of my car, left from a recent move, were a lovely plush blanket and a small decorative pillow. i ran out to my car and popped the trunk--looked both directions to make sure the coast was clear--and unzipped the plastic cover. when i pulled them out, they brought with them the aroma of clean laundry, but even better!! they were warm because the sun had been beating down on my trunk all morning....

i quickly scuttled my butt back upstairs, locked the doors behind me and bedded down beneath the two big windows, protected from view by big window seats. oh. my. gosh. i cannot tell you how amazing it was. i woke up 45 minutes later, tucked the blanket and satiny pillow into the bottom drawer of my desk, and locked it for safe keeping.

this could be the beginning of something wonderful. :0]
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In a complex world we live you have created and describe a moment in bliss to think and rest which is the greatest reward.

I take power naps sometimes and it make the rest of the day go like a breeze...

i do the same thing. Usually before my mid-morning classes I go to the back seat of my car Pluto pillow pet in place and warm blanket to top it off. I've had a 7:50am class before but always felt tired when the day came to close more than 8 hours later but now i can say that I've never known how glorious a 20-25 minute nap was until now. So keep on doing what your doing, all power to you.

ditto, and likewise! i know how that is when you're studying and not getting enough rest anyway... and then you have an hour or so between classes? aaahhhhh, i can hear that warm back seat calling my name!! :0] nap on!! :0]

enjoyed your story, had a good chuckle, enjoy yourself. mike

thanks Mike! :0]

Super cute post! I know al about taking naps on the job as I am a Massage Therapist.... Love my table, littl blanket and pillows and music... and candles... aromatherapy... Lol. For real. i've totally gone all out for my naps. ;)

i can't even imagine!! i'm getting drowsy just thinking about it! :0]

yes, you can say it again.<br />
In my country, taking a nap is nomal. It will be terrible if I don't have a short sleep in the middle of day.<br />
Thus, I feel quite amazing when someone is fired because of sleeping during the break.

For many a full night's sleep just does not happen. I have a place where I can hide when necessary. While it is officially recognized as a safety tactic to restore alertness, napping on the job is still considered "The wild thing" since getting caught will always bring increased supervision. The way you dramatized your story with sensory input was fun! My hiding place was under my desk. I was managing a telecom nerve center for Union Pacific RR in Houston TX. When that opportunity rarely presented itself, ready or not I was down, just to stay ahead of the game, till the phone started dancing again for attention.

i agree that increases mental sharpness and, accordingly, enhances safety. i think when and where you do it is key.

AWESOMME!!! i must try that!! :> maybe i could bring a sleeping bag =)) exag.!

I guess some companies have found out about that and tried to put the kibosh on it. They fired a dear friend of mine for going to his car and napping on his break, claiming that since they pay for the break, it's company time and just reason for dismissal. What a load of you-know-what! It took him almost a year of fighting with them to get reinstated and then he had to retire because he had bone cancer. But do you think the company felt a tiny bit of empathy? I don't think so!

absurd! i hope that he was compensated for the added stress. that's just wrong. if he was smoking on his break, i bet they wouldn't have fied him and napping is a lot healthier and much more capable of enhancing productivity. bah! corporations suck.

I was an executive secretary and found myself pg. I was so tired. Instead of lunch, I went into our 'sick' room which had a cot, used my jacket for a blanket and went to sleep. I had two clerks that I trusted and asked them to wake me up if need be. It was never necessary. Like magic, I awoke, refreshed at the correct time. This nap saved my life. I was up in years and found the pg really tired me out.

good for you and yay teamwork! :0]

The Spanish have siesta taking naps in the afternoon so why not us. <br />
If I'm driving the van at work I find a quiet spot and have my self a nap on my lunch break. It's nice'

Love this story. I dont have a car but I borrow who ever trust me in their car I will borrow. I only have 45mins for lunch but I sleep like a baby on my lunch zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

This WOULD be a perfect idea, and I DO have an hour off for lunch each day....the problem is....I work at a truck repair shop....(not conducive to relaxation, but you go girl!)

yeah, can't say that i'd be able to sleep at a truck repair shop... but i'd totally drive myself over to some quiet, out of the way place. you know those dashboard reflector things they sell that you pop up in the windshield? they're perfect for a little privacy!

I'm not supposed to talk about this, but I am able to sleep about 3 hours on some days...

my lips are sealed!! :0]

Oprah once recommended taking power naps in the afternoon. She said it helped her hit the work with renewed energy after the nap, and she said everyone should try it. She wasn't taking into account what people's bosses might do though, if they found someone sleeping. You are lucky that your office locks, but most people don't have lockable offices. I decided to try napping on my lunch hour on one job. I didn't have a lockable office, but there was a couch in the lady's room, and I figured it was my time, right? I had a right to use that hour any way I wanted, right? I shouldn't have to eat if I wasn't hungry, I should be able to spend the hour sleeping if that was better for my body, right? I figured wrong. I got reprimanded for it and written up and a bad mark put into my personnel file. I argued that it was MY TIME, and I could use it any way I wished, but they said no, it "looks bad". (?) So, I wonder, why was there a couch in the lady's room in the first place, if people can't use it even on their own time?

exactly!! no fair dangling that inviting couch like a carrot and then slapping your hand when you go for it! i cry foul!!

The government mail processing offices in Taiwan have a regular nap time where they power down the whole floor's lighting to a light gray, and everyone naps as part of their job.<br />
They told me it is to increase productivity.<br />
It makes sense when you think of it too. We humans were not born to spend our lives in buildings in the first place, but to be working there the way we are from sun up to sun down. <br />
We have trained ourselves from neolithic times perhaps to work all the time there is daylight, planting the fields, or reaping the harvest. So who says we must do that when it is put up for sale at a market? If people are hungry, they will come and get food when it is available.<br />
Heaven forbid that we should use our good sense, instead of our stiff necks to make decisions!

i agree completely with that philosophy! i'll bet people who nap are a lot happier at their jobs as well. i can certainly say a good nap has adjusted my attitude a time or two!

I have co-workers who will take a nap right at their desk in the open! They do this during break or lunch. One of our big bosses slept in his office and nothing was ever said. Still, as long as it is during your OFF time - lunch, etc, nobody should say anything. Oh, and while the doors DO lock from the inside, management SHOULD have keys!

ask to talk to this boss and you guys keep track of their naps and break time. if they sleep past their allowed break time tape their hands to the desks or swipe the office owned tools from their desks. they tools are held on to by that boss and to get them back they have to go ask for them. it is ok to smile at this idea.

Hey it sounds pretty good, but your boss wasn’t there?????? I don’t need a nap while working. Actually I don’t get time to think about a nap.....but if sometimes if I dnt have work then this thought comes into my mind. Ya but my colleague likes to have a nap as he doesn’t have any work.

they have proven that with a 30-60 minute nap in the middle of the day you are able to work harder and be in a better mood. no if they let us take naps like they do in europe for the last 100 years we might be able to drink at work and other thing to and stress will disapear.

sounds fun

I must say that I totally agree with WoobieTuesday as I have been taking my daily noontime nap for over 20 years! In fact, at one job, I used to go to the fourth floor of the library, and into a corner where no one goes. I would rest my head on the desk of a study cubicle. This went on for weeks, when someone snitched on me. So Security, who all knew me well, would come by and wake me up, even though they would apologize for it. That's when I knew who put them up to it.<br />
So the very next day, at noon time I parked my car right outside the CEO's window and took my snooz!<br />
Funny thing but security passed me a message saying they would no longer bother me if I chose to snooze in the cubicle! I still do it today.

i love that story!! right on! :0]

I think mid-day naps are wonderful...sometimes a necessity. Everyone should have a siesta.

Years ago when I worked at General Dynamics Electronics in San Diego (a division of GD that no longer exists), there was a guy who took a nap *every* lunch break. He didn't have his own office, never mind an office with a door that locks. But he had a desk, a chair, and a filing cabinet. He would pull out a drawer of his desk and put his feet up on it. Then he'd pull out a drawer of his filing cabinet, tilt his chair way back, and rest his head on the filing cabinet drawer. Then he'd pull a newspaper over his face and just SACK OUT. Every day. The guy really had it going on!

heh... wish i was that confident! i wouldn't be able to sleep a wink like that!

Wonderful experience. Never thought of the blanket to keep warm.

it's a complete necessity here because they keep the air conditioning blasting all year long. i sometimes have to go outside to warm up! :0]

Omg....That nap story just put me to sleep! LOL nothing like the sent of fresh warm laundry and softness to make you drift to dreamland...It sounds like you use Bounce dryer sheets, because If I leave clean clothes in the car in the sun, the whole car smells like fresh laundry after LOL and that sent always comforts me to sleep...ahh thank you!!

The guy I work for wouldn't tolerate sleeping on the job, even on a lunch break, if I had a lunch break. (You could fry an egg, if you had an egg) Being self employed is such a *****. Your boss is a complete **** and you get no thanks, no praise, no promotion, no bonuses.

You are in the best of worlds.
At least in your case, you can trust your boss to keep his word.

I've always worked for myself, although I've never been "self-employed". And all I've ever heard was hollow promises of raises and promotions and bonuses.

The ONLY so-called "bonus" I have ever received was a $25 Gift Certificate, valid for a turkey at the local supermarket, at Thanksgiving. Or was it Christmas?

No one has any job security, because Corporate America doesn't deliver on their promises.

<br />
Beautifully written! Not only did you allow me to see myself look both ways, I actually experienced that blissful nap with you as well.<br />
<br />
It is amazing how refreshing a midday nap can be for both the mind and body.<br />
<br />
Don't let that be the first and last!

Try as I might, I cannot get a space between paragraphs in my comments. Please tell me how you did it.

Push "enter" once or twice, when I want to skip a line. :)

My first job with the railroad was working in offices all by myself. If it was daytime there might me a maintainer in his office or working around so naps were out. But at night - a different story. All alone, not a lot of trains; they rang a bell to announce to me they were getting close and the other stations along the line usually called to say what was coming sooooo there were occasional naps - of the hole your head up or rest it on your arms. Not the best sleep in the world - but enough to allow for goofing off in the day instead of sleeping.


heeeheee!!! :0] XOXOXOX

Wonderful nap story way better than sleeping in a chair holding ones head with a hand and the elbow on a hard desk.

oh, i DEFINITELY agree with that, tommy! :0]

AWESOME.....JUST TOTALLY AWESOME!! I wish I knew how to make those caps even BIGGER to celebrate this momentous occasion!! We have covered each other up and handed cyber pillows around but this is taking the dream and making it a REALITY!! I have tears in my eye's Woobs. This is truly a BEAUTIFUL EVENT!!

LOL...LOL...LOL... oh Sierra, you make my heart jump for joy, you are soooooo sweet. it was actually you who inspired me!!! all that passing back and forth of cyber pillows and blankies... got me started thinking. and when i discovered that BOTH of my doors lock.... it was pretty much a done deal. it really IS a beautiful event!! thank you sugar, for sharing my joy! XOXOXO ((*HUGE HUG*))

hugs and hugs and hugs!! I love it when I inspire folks!!!

Sounds blissfull!!! :-)

oh man, heaven on oith, i tell ya! :0]

Yay, gonna be thinking of lugging a plush pillow around.

hiiiiiiighly recommended soursweet!! :0]