I Love My Job, Too

today, i finally did it. lunch time rolled around and food didn't sound nearly as appealing to me as did the idea of a nap. ever since i discovered that the doors to my office lock from the inside, the idea of pulling them closed and catching a few winks in the middle of the day has taken hold of my imagination. well today, was the day.

the air conditioner in this place shoots out at full bore and it's hard to sleep with chattering teeth, so i took mental inventory of any items i had with me which i couldĀ useĀ to cover up. that's when i remembered that, in the trunk of my car, left from a recent move, were a lovely plush blanket and a small decorative pillow. i ran out to my car and popped the trunk--looked both directions to make sure the coast was clear--and unzipped the plastic cover. when i pulled them out, they brought with them the aroma of clean laundry, but even better!! they were warm because the sun had been beating down on my trunk all morning....

i quickly scuttled my butt back upstairs, locked the doors behind me and bedded down beneath the two big windows, protected from view by big window seats. oh. my. gosh. i cannot tell you how amazing it was. i woke up 45 minutes later, tucked the blanket and satiny pillow into the bottom drawer of my desk, and locked it for safe keeping.

this could be the beginning of something wonderful. :0]
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33 Responses Jun 30, 2011

i do the same thing. Usually before my mid-morning classes I go to the back seat of my car Pluto pillow pet in place and warm blanket to top it off. I've had a 7:50am class before but always felt tired when the day came to close more than 8 hours later but now i can say that I've never known how glorious a 20-25 minute nap was until now. So keep on doing what your doing, all power to you.

ditto, and likewise! i know how that is when you're studying and not getting enough rest anyway... and then you have an hour or so between classes? aaahhhhh, i can hear that warm back seat calling my name!! :0] nap on!! :0]

I take power naps sometimes and it make the rest of the day go like a breeze...

In a complex world we live you have created and describe a moment in bliss to think and rest which is the greatest reward.