Can't Get Enough Of Naruto!

It dragged me in at first sight--I watched the whole series, then watched it again....and again.....
And now I'm a Gaara fangirl. Me, who never has any figures that my first idiotic crush is on a Naruto character.
Now, because of my Naruto obsessed life, I'm going to:
1. Listen to all the OSTs and get them on my iPod
2. Go to an anime convention, dressed up as Tenten, probably
3. Write fanfictions, namely, Gaara.
4. Fanart, namely, Gaara.
5. Try to buy the manga (it's hard where I live! :P)
Oh, did I mention, I also love Shikamaru?

ViolasRock ViolasRock
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2 Responses Jul 14, 2010

gaara is awesome

Gaara is pretty cool! :D