Who's Your Favourite Akatsuki Member?

So, I want to know which of the Akatsuki members you liked best.

I personally liked Deidara the best. He'd always say "hmm!" at the end of his sentences, and you gotta love a guy with a ponytail :)

I liked Tobi when he was an idiot, but then he became an all-knowing, all-powerful beast like Aizen from Bleach.

So, anyways, who do you guys like best?
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I love them all but kakuzo is not that strong I think his stupid hearts can be distroyed easily ... Itachi is the best anyways ...

I guess Kakuzu would be pretty easy to beat in some circumstances, I mean, it gets easier the more hearts you destroy.

Also, Itachi is definitely really cool! I've always loved how powerful he is.

kisame, the tailless tailed beast
and deidara
and itachi

Deidara and Pain

Konan and Itachi

Deidara, yeah!! He's quirky and vivacious and just seems fun to be around. And the hair... his hair is awesome. :) (I can do his hairstyle! I practiced!! I can even get the ponytail to stand up like that! Only, my hair's not blonde...) I got so irritated with Sasuke when he just kept unilaterally beating Deidara in his final fight. I was glad to see Deidara again when he was resurrected, even though he was a zombie. :D

I'd have to say zetsu, since he is genuinely 2 different people

Which one do you like better? I like White Zetsu, he's actually really strong if you think about it.

I'd have to say black zetsu, just cuz he's both of them put together. ( if you don't understand, it's cuz I don't want to spoil it for you, just wait and see)