Awkward Story From Spanish+sasuke Pairing Overload

Well something awkward happened today in Spanish class today. My teacher was out (YAY NO QUIZ!!!!) and my favorite sub was subbing (ANOTHER YAYS!) but that wasn't the awkward part the awkward part was this ((the following does not involve real names just random Spanish names picked out at the beginning of the semester))

Lola (yours truly): *is drawing on mini white board*

Margarita: Lola do you have a boyfriend?

Lola: No....

Rosa: Are you talking to anyone?

Lola: kinda sorta not really............

Margarita: What's his name?

Lola: *thinks and blurts* Uhh his name is S√łgaard.

Margarita: How old is he?

Lola: 21.

Rosa: Where did you meet him?

Lola: On an art website..... I'll show you guys his profile...

Margarita: Is he a virgin?

Lola: No... He put that on his profile.

Margarita: He put that on his profile?

Lola: Yeah *pulls up DA page* here he is.

*A lot of people in class gather around to look at him, just his profile pic*

Margarita: So you like him?

Lola: O////////O yes

Margarita: Well I hope it works out. I wanna be invited to the wedding.

Lola: thinking; ***** that was awkward especially that last statement.*

Another awkward thing that Ive mentioned, but needs to be discussed more. This OroSasu fic called Crashing memories. It's basically where Itachi is apparently passionatley in love with Sasuke, but Sasuke is screwing Orochimaru, and calling himself "his *****" -__- that's not the worst of it. I've read at least I believe 2 Uchihacest lemons in this story alone (MY EYES MEH EYES HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!) and there's DeiSasu (now that **** just aint acceptable) and Orochimaru is all in love with Sasuke and is like all sexually frustrated and **** after Itachi kidnaps Sasuke. So basically Sasuke is screwing the three hottest dudes in naruto plus Naruto. That's just slutty, sluttier than Snooki horny and on crack, there's a musical number that describes what Sasuke is [link]

List of pairings found in the story

1. OroSasu
2. UchihaCest
3. NaruSasu
4. HinaSasu
5. KakaSasu
6. DeiSasu
7. KisaSasu
8. SuiSasu
9. NejiSasu
10. KibaSasu
11. HidaSasu
12. PeinSasu
13. SakuSasu
14. GaaSasu

TOO MANY PAIRINGS AND A LOT OF THESE PAIRINGS HAVE LEMONS. WTF? Every person who has reviewed this story thinks it's SO freaking great. What's so great about it?
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Meh. I like lemons too, but i get yoru point. There's just always someone who eill prefer rather weird and usually imposible pairings. Hehe, i myself am a big fan of kakasaku!! Anyway, yeah... that sounds really awkward...