Naruto Is Not Just An Anime!!

Naruto is not just an anime.... its a lesson.... an understanding teacher.... a best friend. something you can get help from.
Tell me! how many of you has Naruto changed.
Hasn't it made a difference in your life?
Hasn't it made you confident, understanding,?
If you tell me Naruto hasn't made an impact on your lives then I'm sorry to say I don't believe you.
Don't you ever feel that Naruto is a different world. A world where everything is on your side, tell me! how many of you have problems and stressful things to worry about BUT when you watch or read Naruto you wash away all those worries. I for definite can tell you NARUTO HAS CHANGED ME...
Everyone has ups and downs but Naruto is like a drug for me, it makes me feel better and special.
When I sit down to watch Naruto I am a completely different person..

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I wish yamato could build me a house for free. bills would be less ,and life would be great.


yes yes yes! naruto helped me conquer my depression. the show's lessons want me to be a better person. and i wish our bonds in real life were as strong as the people in konoha.

HELL YEAH! He literally saved me from an abyys of complete and utter desolation. He made me BETTER. He taught me to never give up and always carry aten-kilowatt smile, no matter how hard is the battlethe battle you face. NARUTO rules!

Hello everybody, just wanted to stop by and quickly thank you guys for taking the time to read my posts and comment, I am so proud that we narutards have stuck with naruto. Kishimoto said himself that all he can ask from his fans is to stick with naruto till the very end. Anyway I had an old account with a story called Sakura vs Ino the ultimate battle chaa, it would really mean A LOT to me if you could read vote and comment on it thank you very much.
good day

you all are 100% correct, masashi sure did a good job : )

That show never gets old

I love Naruto. I hate it when people look down on it as being a stupid anime, to be honest I think the world would be a better place if kids just watched that instead of stupid reality tv shows like Jersey Shore I know it sounds stupid but Naruto has taught me some of the most important life lessons that I'll ever need in life