Cars That Look Like Cars

Always been a fan of Nascar because they keep the tech stuff pretty down to earth. Probably the same reason I love Harleys.

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Agreed. Let's face it in some of the other forms of racing the geeks behind the cars can often make more of a difference than the driver themselves. The man behind the wheel makes a much bigger impact in Nascar. You only have to drive a high power vehicle once to appreciate that it's much more than driving in circles.

I won't be held responsible for my lack of attention-lol :P

When it comes to racing: Eric only likes "tuners" or sportbikes! Maybe some open wheel racing too.<br />
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Bad Bassy! BAD!

Yep. I only have a long enough attention span to watch cars that go in a circle-lol

I had a patient offer me Briston Tickets..<br />
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~ homer simpson grrrr..... ~<br />
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We'll see if that ever materializes.... not holding breath.

Well, there is that stuff too-lol

and time and someone to go with and... all the stars aligning....

All it takes is money eh?-lol

You should go first chance you get. <br />
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I haven't been to anything but local wanna be races, which are quite fun actually. Couldn't imagine going to the bigs LOL.<br />
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My friend recently got some free tickets that were intended for the doctor she works for who couldn't go. VIP viewing area.. passes to the inner circle and at BRISTOL no less.. OMG - I was drueling with envy <br />
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Someday I'll get to a race. Time and someone to go with are the issue for me. I am always able to get tickets to whatever I'd like to see.

Bobby LaBonte - That's MY MAN. <br />
I like to DVR the races and FF until the wrecks happen.. such a cheater, but makes for a more exciting watching experience.<br />
Just dying to go to Bristol here in TN, but those tickets are passed along down generational lines.. and of course we have Tullahoma.. FUN.

I haven't yet made it to a race. I did visit the track in charlotte a couple of years ago. Racing under the lights would be cool. Unfortunately my immediate circle of freinds/family don't like racing:(. Vegas would be awesome too I think.

I am. I used to be a huge Davey Allison fan before he passed away. I don't know that I have a favourite now. I just love watching the action. Of course with's always a struggle to find the time.