What Is It About Nascar

I thought that I would not, could not like anything like NASCAR.  "Rednecks on parade" is all I thought about.  But my husband loves it, so every Sunday from Daytona to November, we watch "the race".  I watched Jeff Gordon's new baby, Junior leave DEI, and Tony, be Tony. 

I was hooked.  There is no better drama than the race.  I love it.  I love how Jeff Gordon is so ...nice and that Tony is ....smoke. 

Yes, I like good food, good jazz, good wine...and NASCAR (and I have a #20 and #24 sticker on my car to prove it).

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I totally agree with you Levin..it does take talent and skills to drive those cars at those speeds. They are putting their life on the line for the sport..and yes it is a sport. I love NASCAR..not to mention the tail-gaiting before, during, and after..lol.

Nacar is about the whole team. The pit crew, the sponsor, the family, the fans who cheer them on, all of these make up NASCAR. That's what being a redneck is all about to me. And IT TAKES a lot lot lot lot of skill to drive a car 180 miles an hour in the rain.

at this point with 3 sprint cups under his belt, he's certainly earned the Mr...but next year remains to be seen. No..the 20 will be replaced with a 14. <br />
<br />
Again I say..curious that 88's engine never burned out this year.

What are you going to do about that 20 sticker now? You could replace it with just Hendricks stickers, 88, and of course my Favorite driver 48. Mr. Johnson. He does deserve the Mr. part don't he! LOL

gotta say this..I'm in my car, this guy sees my #20 and #24 stickers and CHECKS ME OUT. - Yes a woman can love Nascar

Yes we have a lot of Canadians come her to the southern states for Nascar and golf...

don't know what the fans will say about it though.

Kyle Busch, I think Tony had a lot to do with the beginning of season problems. I think Joe Gibbs needs to take those boys aside again like he did at mid season last hear