A Good Grasp On The Obvious

You have got to give ESPN writers this they may not be colorful like Darell Waltrip with words like Slideways, or Co-opetition. But Wow can those fellas point out the obvious!

Nobody is ever going to remember Kevin Harvick won last Sunday's race in AZ. What we will all remember is Jeff Gordon wrecking Clint Boywer in what should have been the final lap of the race. Resulting in a free for all in the garage area.

As Pit Crews from the 15 and 24 Began what looked to be a huge brawl worthy of a soccer game around the 24 car the voice of ESPN's commentator announces "Ut oh there is a Conflict".  Yes that did appear to be the situation.

Thank Goodness ESPN had taken a break from commercials to catch the end of the race, or we may have missed those priceless words. 
JennaR JennaR
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2 Responses Nov 13, 2012

Oh, thank god for Espn ...... That's why I watch The Speed channel...or go to nascar. com.Need I say anything more??

i live in phoenix and love Nascar .I was at this race and it was crazy .Jeff Gordon , after numerous run-ins with Bowyer throughout the year,and the last run-in with Browyer was having his tire cut and having to make a pit stop he had had enough and took him out It was my first race of actually being there and not watching it on TV. Remember : Dont forget the earplugs lol