How Bad Do You Have It????

Seven years ago, if one would have told me that I would be an obsessed NASCAR fan, I would have laughed in their face.  But now, I laugh at those who don't understand the sport. 

My favorite driver is Dale Earnhardt, Jr.  Honestly, I like all drivers except for a slight few.  I love going to the races, camping, partying in the infield.  There is nothing better than spending a weekend with 200,000 people that share a common interest....a love for NASCAR!!!

I live in Texas, so I'm a season ticket holder at TMS.  I go to all the races there.  Everytime I go, I have better and better experiences.  I now have lots of friends in the business....drivers, pr, coordinators, etc. 

My friends and I went on a girls trip last summer to Daytona...we drove 16 hours to get there, but it was an AWESOME time!!!

I look forward to every race...I sit on the edge of my seat cheering my driver on.  When people ask me what the big deal is, I just tell them....imagine 43 football teams competing at once...that is what NASCAR is. 

rburrows rburrows
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1 Response Jun 1, 2007

My faorite response is, and has always been... "Ive never seen anyone run 200 miles per hour"...