Back in the day when I was sowing my wild oats, my 3 gf's and I used to head to MIS to camp on the infield for the races. I would borrow my old bf's "conversion can" and we'd head out Thurs. Morning
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I'm going to be camping in the infield at Atlanta this weekend, I go every year

I bet your looking forward to that. It'll be a great time! Nothing like getting together with Nascar fans!

I am, and it's a lot of fun, met some great friends there and look forward to seeing them every year

Hope you have great weather too!

Chance of a storm Sunday, but nice otherwise

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Conversion van lol

s and not come back till Mon. What a blast! What a blur!!!! I liked Nascar better in those days. It's changed so much since then. This was during the "Winston Cup" Series. It would be nothing to go into a bar & see one of the drivers & their crew, Petty, Yarborough, Allison, Isaac, Foyt, Earnhardt. It didn't get any better than this.
I still have a passion for the sport. Been to: of course MIS, Rockingham, Richmond, Bristol & Charlotte. Hope to 1 day see Daytona !

Wasn't it great back then? It's just not the same. SIGH......

Absolutely! Love love love the smell of gas!

I liked it better before the drivers became corporate drones with all vestiges of personality coached away. I saw two races at Rockingham. That was a great track, fast and banked and you could see the whole track. I had seats coming out of turn 2 both times. This was in the 90s and while NASCAR was a major sport by then you didn't get the feeling that every word they said was scripted. Darrell Waltrip was embarrassing himself at the end of his career (I think in one race he crashed and in the other he only ran a few off pace laps). Jeff Gordon hadn't won the hearts and minds of the old timers yet and got robustly booed in the driver intros. I remember how much I liked the smell of burning rubber.