Haven't Always Been

I used to hate NASCAR. My boyfriend has always loved it. He's been a fan of Dale Earnhardt Sr and Mark Martin. When we started dating, he would go watch the race, and I'd stay in the bedroom on the PC lmao.

He felt the same way about baseball though. I've always loved baseball. I've been a Yankees fan since I was three years old. I don't care if I'm "hated" for it. They are and forever will be my team. No matter what goes down, no matter where I live.

Being the sweet guy that he is, he would watch the World Series with me even if we weren't physically together (we had a long distance relationship for 4 years). Back when he helped my mother and I move in 2001 (before he and I started living together), he got into watching baseball with me regularly. I decided to also be fair and start watching NASCAR with him.

We both got hooked on each others sport. I root for Dale Jr or Mark Martin with him now. He also roots for the Yankees with me and we both yell at the TV at each others "rivals" LOL!

TopazSkye TopazSkye
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3 Responses May 18, 2009

i commend you both, i;m a avid yakee fan sinse i was 7 and i started watching about 10 or 11 when richard pety, buddy baker,david pearson,darrell waltrip were the best at it now i watch it every SUNDAY it always good to have a back-up driver incase your driver doesn't finish so i got greg biffle and kyle bush . so have fun the rest of the season.

Yes we do, Zen :) I am quite fortunate for that!