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I almost didn't join this group because I consider that an inappropriate logo. Just kidding sort of, I have never been a Gorden fan.  I haven't been an Earnhard fan (Sr or Jr) either, which makes me a member of the vocal minority as far as NASCAR fans are concerned.

I stared learning about NASCAR when I moved to Richmond, VA back in '84.  It seemed back there that everyone was a fan and everyone had a favorite driver.  So I watched a few races and picked Rusty Wallace. ( I still drink MGD) I was dissapointed when he decided to retire, but understood his reasoning. 

Now that Mark Martin is back I think Rusty got cheated a little having to share his retirement season with Martin and then Martin comes back.  I do wish Martin the best of luck to finally get his championship though.

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I agree with that last part. Have never been a big Roush fan, didn't like the way he handled Kurt Busch situation a couple of year s back. And went with Burton after he left Roush