Go to the Shops

A couple of years ago, my youngest son and myself took a road trip to North Carolina to see the race shops.  Going from AZ to NC was a long haul, but worth it.  I have seen stories on the race shops on TV, but like the race itself it is better in person.

I remember the Penske shop which is one of the newer, bigger ones.  There was one room off the main shop with nothing but stacks and stacks of tires.  There must have been over 300.  To see the big haulers (3 of them) parked inside and even with that the shop looked huge.  Rusty had retired by the time I got down there so there was some stuff about him but not a lot. 

So I went to Rusty Wallace racing.  Nice small shop, he only has cars in the Nationwide series for now.  All the shops had nice give away information sheets on their drivers, which was a nice touch.

My son has always been a Jeff Burton fan so we had to go to Richard Childress racing.  It is away from all the others in Welcome, NC.  It was terrific.  Great gift shop, nice museum (a lot of  Sr. stuff if your a fan of his) and a shop that was as large and fancy as anybody elses.. The museum was extra cool because it is the old shop that was converted.


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Yes there were plenty of the Blue Duece with his name on the side. I have always liked Kurt B. especialy since he took over for my guy Rusty Wallace