Advice For Someone Moving To Nashville

I will be moving to Nashville in July, although I have yet to go there. I plan to visit in April and get a feel for the area. Can anyone give advice for someone moving there? What are good areas to live in? Good things to do?

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3 Responses Nov 29, 2012

Hun, you sound like ur a nice person. msg me so we can chat.


It depends on where you will be working but the Gulch is the new trendy area as 12South is as well. Both of those offer lots of things to do!

Good things to do: TAKE THE BUS!!!!! I know it sounds weird, but there are several free bus lines that you can take to see a lot of the city. And the normal bus is fairly cheap if you want to go further. One point of advice: if you're gonna take more than 1-2 regular (non-free) buses, get an all-day pass. That way you can ride basically anywhere in town all day. And all the buses eventually go to a central hub, so you can always get back "home".

Also, there is an incredible number of thrift stores here. Use them! You can get everything from clothing to furniture to books and housewares on the cheap. Goodwill stores have a standing sale, every Saturday 50% off on everything!

Anyhow, those are my two best New to Nashville hints. And welcome in advance!