I am 50. 23 years ago I was married to a nice girl and had a 2 year old. well i was also into transporting cocaine I was caught and went to prison, I was sentenced to 22 years. well needless to say my wife left me and had no contact with her or my 2 year old. After 19 and a half years I was released I was out about a week and had my own place and a job making good money. Then on my way home from work i noticed this sexy young lady staring at me I did not have a car I took the bus, well she got off at the same stop. she stayed behind me but did go every where I went so I decided to go to the bar and she followed after a couple of drinks and 45 mins i went to her and asked if i could buy her a drink she said yes we talk for a couple of hours got along great when I told her that I had not been with a women for over 20 years and had not came in all that time she could not wait to get me hard and going. We ****** for 2 days she was young and tight and I came in and on her at least 15 times her swallowing the 1st huge load of 20 years. After 2 days she said she had to get home I asked wheres home she said Phoenix AZ Which is where I was sentenced at I asked whatb she was doing in colorado she informed me that she had come to meet her dad that just got out of prison and ended up ******* him for 2 days I about feel over i told her sorry she asked why I had no answer, she said she would come by for breakfast before her flight in the morning I agreed, The next day she proved to me i had nothing to be sorry about her making me give her 2 more loads.
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we talk on the phone alot and yes we did relive it 1 more time, I freak out sometimes because I seem to get harder with her then most other women and she has my same sex drive she enjoys most things I do and yes the second time we were together she had sex with her boyfriend right before she came and saw me. i do not know why my likes are the way they are but I do love a full ***** I love how it feels and how my **** smells afterward like hard sex.

Shame. You should've been afforded more opportunities to enjoy time with her again, perhaps multiple times.

Intriguing, and quite hot. I'm curious to know what may have happened next. Well written. Thank you for sharing.