First Lap Dance

Last night we went to a ***** club. It was so awesome the girls were amazing. Angel was giving me a lap dance and sucking my boobs. She let me play with her ***. She had me get on stage and had my boob in her mouth again. Strippers are the best!!!!!!!!
sheandi6942 sheandi6942
8 Responses Nov 11, 2011

I love making out with hot strippers. For my bachelorette , my friends took me to a ***** club - it was supposed to be my last time with another hot women ....

Needless to say I got led back into temptation not long after!

Yes they are. Good for you.

They know what they like, and how to get it.

I do appreciate how sexually open strippers are.

You should elaborate. I would enjoy learning more about your exploits and experiences.

So very hot, sorry to have missed that.

Yes they are and so are the wives and GF's that go to the clubs and have a good time too!

Strippers are the best! My lady and I have had several interesting afternoons at the ***** club :)