Well, I live in Europe, never really met an Native American in person, but since i was about 11 i was obsessed about their culture. About their past and present. I actually went on few Forums and i have been in contact whit some people who either know someone from a reservation or live on one themselves.
I really hope one day i will get myself a plane ticket to America. It would be a dream coming true.
Well, that's kinda of a irony because i also know that they have a really hard life on the Res, whit the drinking and drug problems, not to talk about abuse. And it really hurts me that they have to go trough that. The other day i found out about Russell Means (maybe some of you even knew him in person when he was still alive). That man, he blew my mind. He said on one of his interviews that he cut his hair off because his people are dying. And you can really see his pain and a little anger when he talks. He really gave all his strength to fight for the justice of his nation. Now he is not whit us anymore and i'm scared that whit him went the will for the nation to fight for their own cultural survival. And if any Native American is reading this: please don't cut your hair! It is after all really attractive. And don't forget your culture, don't do drugs and don't drink. Actually the last one is for everyone.
I hope i will get an answer of someone who lives or lived on a Native American Reservation, i really would like to know something more about the life there now.
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I understand your allure to native people and the culture. I of course am not native I'm just in love with one but and I too find their culture interesting. Remember however that it's not only Native American cultures that share in what we as society perceive to be Indians. There are the Canadian aboriginal tribes, Alaskan, American, Mexican, and Hawaiian aboriginals that cultures are similar to a degree and share a lot of the same hardships as the ones here in America. And from my experience not all tribes are eager or openly accepting of outsiders trying to get a peak of their lifestyle. They still participate in their cultural activities and celebrations where outsiders are strictly prohibited. At one time our government had even outlawed their ceremonies and ancient celebrations as a way to element their culture because most of aboriginal history and teachings are oral and passed down verbal that if they arrested the heads of tribes and stopped the ceremonies the Tribes would just disappear and assimilate into today's culture. And im sure it still stings today.

Thank you for adding me to a your circle. As to your curioustiy of American Indian life on a reservation I have lived on a reservation. There are some very wealthy reservations whose tribal members are all millionaires but most tribes are extremely poor. The murder rate on the Navajo Indian Reservation is higher than Phoenix Arizona. I have never indulged in alcohol or drugs and I am 42 years old. I don’t have any plans of changing that so there are Indians who have never even experienced or experimented in those things. Right now the Indian people are divided over tradition and living like a white man. If you ask an Indian if they could live in the manner of their ancient traditions most would refuse to live that way. Not me, I am preparing to live off the land with no electricity, running water, grow my own food, live in a cob house or earth mound. I have friends in Iowa who have been living that way for over 30 years. They have good rapport with Indian people and often travel to reservations. I will be living with them in the near future. I would suggest watching movie Pow Wow Highway, last time I checked it was available for free on Youtube. It the most realistic depiction of American Indians that I have ever seen. Other movies like Thunderheart or Skins unfortunately appear to be Indian actors trying to earn an award for their performance. But not Pow Wow Highway, it is very realistic and funny. And remember you are the object of creation meaning that the universe was made only for you. The river only flows for you, the tree has power to grow because it is doing it out of her love for you. The only reason why the stars are aligned the way they are is because the Creator placed them in that order just for you. And He made you a husband in heaven and you must listen to the wind, your dreams, the voice of the water, hills and so forth. To hear the spirit of nature you must approach all situations with loving kindness. Because the rain, wind, snow, rocks, trees and water only speak of love. Feelings of anger, hate, lust or violence is not from creation.

Thank you for the replay, i have watched the movie Powwow highway a few weeks ago and i liked it very much. I also watched the other two movies... well to be honest i'm out of Native American movies. It's understandable that not much people want to go back living in the way their ancestors lived (or close). I myself live on land, we have horses and our own garden, but of course it's not the same as it would be in the past. For something like that the Earth is to much destroyed. I wish you very much luck and thank you again.