Native Men May Indeed be Attractive, But They Are People, Too.

First Nations/ American Indian men are indeed beautiful and their cultures, when they are connected to them, are rich with meaning and yes, physically I often find Native men and women to be exceptionally attractive. In my experience, those natives who are well-connected to their people and traditions tend to be remarkably thoughtful, sane, humorous and awesome. Those traits are attractive qualities, period, so I've found myself with more natives than anyone else (this is perhaps partially due to my own native background, my father was half).

To those non-Natives among you who find Indian men so appealing: Be mindful and respectful of the fact that Natives, when not completely ignored, are modern people living under a great deal of socioeconomic pressure and racism to this day. Understand that many are (justifiably) angry, proud, and wary when it comes to whites who come along to appropriate and romanticize without any real appreciation of the depth of their cultures or the very serious challenges facing native communities. Don't flock to the nearest powwow to ogle the most beautiful traditional dancer and cling to his braids or attempt to stroke his eagle feathers, you may get laid but you'll earn little respect and make even fewer friends. Remember that even the most traditional and/or traditional-looking among them are still complex individuals as anyone else, not to be objectified in fantasies as Wild West captors or Twilight wolves. If you like Native people, take the time to learn about the culture (of which there are many, all unique). Listen. Be humble. Be respectful of traditions and beliefs, of the fact they may prefer only fellow natives as partners, and be mindful of the women (and of potential women, native or otherwise, which might be involved with any Native man you meet). Don't throw yourself at a man simply because he's Native. Talk to people, learn about them, be a friend, and if attraction follows, so be it. Be honest about who you are.  Pay attention.  Care. Try to see and admire people for their intelligence and talents, not objectify them through some Colonialist fantasy lens.
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Yeah. And they are changing too much. I live in Europe and i'm scared that till i get a chance to go to America the culture will die out. I want them to stay the proud people they are. And i just love to long black hair, the skin and the nose and the eyes and oh my God.... But so many of them are cutting their hair and behaving like idiots, drinking a doing drugs. It makes me so sad. If a Native American is reading this, please don't cut your hair and don't forget your culture.

Natives who cut their hair, and drink, and smoke are not indiots, tgeir people. Why tell natives their stupid for doing the same thing non-natives do? And our culture will always be alive, the reason why many natives dpnt know about their culture is because we have been fprced in many ways to assimilate into white 'culture' This was a extremely inappropriate post especially since you are not native yourself.

I'm 75 percent Native American. I'm glad you all find us so attractive. ;)

i find native americans really attractive... there is no doubt about it.. sad, here is not many chances get to know them really, in europe..

pen pal isnt bad idea, but i believe that thing should come naturally, you know what i mean?

but indian culture is fascinating to me..

I found this blog because I was looking for dating sites specifically catered to finding native american men. I am a white girl who has never actually dated a native man, yet for as long as I can rememebr I was attracted to them. So I put up an ad online and started to generate some responses. I felt awkward stating that I was solely looking for a native man. It felt racist in some way. I do not discriminate anyone yet it still felt like I was. The truth is I am just looking for an honest person who is humble and sincere. I can find that in any skin tone it does not matter. But my hope was to have my desires attached to a native man because.. Well.. Native men are ******* beautiful. In addition to that I have great respect for their different cultures. But I realize that generalizations tend to be oppressive. Any advice?

And I mean...

I'm a redhead so I understand what it is like to be fetishized. So many men will pick me out like a target simply because I have red hair. In fact one man in particular only seemed to be interested in that aspect alone. I felt dissapointed, and thought to myself "Why dosen't he like me for ME?" and eventually I stopped talking to felt insincere.

Natives have a stunning culture, and I believe women (mostly) flock towards it, because it is community ba<x>sed and they like to feel protected. "Indigenous peoples" was my all-time favorite class in school. Amazing.

ya I live in Canada and its amazing how many people ask if we still live in teepees. or igloos. like check your history books how many year ago was that!

That is so very bizarre. I guess that's what happens when a modern population is rendered invisible by popular media and politics.

No i don't think it's strange, The percentage on this site is what maybe two percent of the members here small percentage. But it is a nice feeling to now there are females that are interested in us because of how we look and our culture.

I can appreciate that. I think I'm just a little alarmed by the number of people who seem to entertain Wild West Romance novel's just a different shade of racism to me because those people fail to see native as modern, complete, complex human beings.

cool Canadian Indian here

Hey! I wonder, is it strange for you to read all this odd objectification/fetishizing of native men on here?

It is not weird at all, it is a site just letting us natives know that whites can love us and that they do truly understand us

Also growing up in a white community I have had girls date me and flirt with me(white) but in the long run i feel like I didnt deserve them because of how most other natives chose to live there lives

That's a shame that you ever felt that way. You are just as a deserving of a good partner (regardless of race, as there are a lot of native woman I know who are pretty damn top-notch and a lot of white woman who aren't) as anyone else. Whatever nation you're from, it's beautiful and valuable, don't let others denigrate you. Natives have a great deal of which to be proud -- everyone should walk with their heads held high and aspire to the best.

I met a Native American guy along with a female "friend" of his. I got the impression that he thought I was possibly too good for him or thought I was too much of a "Sally Whitebread" type-a prim &amp; proper, takes pride in her appearance, morals, responsible, educated &amp; working. I felt that he was kind of racist toward me but I thought he was lounging back &amp; appreciating me from a distance. Leaning back, hands behind his head and smiling to himself when his female friend was out of the room. Come to find out he was not an honorable guy. I really felt he had psych problems, anger issues, &amp; a user. But also he was sweet.
My feelings &amp; trust was hurt. But from this experience, it made me aware of the possibility of a Native guy thinking "I was too good for them." No, that is SO UNTRUE. I also had told a few of my friends of his tx. of me &amp; they told me that I deserved so much better than him. I was listening &amp; wondering about racism. I think it was mainly because of his treatment of me &amp; their respect for me of who I am, morals, &amp; standards. BUT, I was wondering about slight racism. I love Native Americans (all of them) for what they represent to me-the traditional Natives. Honor, self-respect, dignity, pride-that wonderful, dignified pride, striving to do what is right, honoring their family, their people, &amp; most of all standing up for their beliefs-which I respect probably the most. There are white people out here that truly respect &amp; love Native people. I am 44 yrs. &amp; have been taught as a child to emulate the "old" traditional American Indians. I really relate to them in this way. I am scared of their small population, their mortality rate. If I married a Native guy I think that I would not want to have a child by him (I am also 44-too late), because I would not want to dilute his blood line. This sounds crazy. I would like to adopt a Native child, or maybe foster one &amp; have them near their family. I would want to involve them in school w/their people, learn their peoples' language. Have them involved with cultural &amp; religious events, but I would not want to interfere. I just want to be supportive of American Indians staying around forever. I guess I hold them up, but they R human liken everyone else, a nice person, a hateful person, a user, a giver, loving &amp; hating. I fear that I will get hurt due to elevating them too much. Please do not feel that you are not good enough. There R those of us out here that respect you too much for you to feel like this.

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I totally agree with u,and I'm only thirteen! Native Americans are very interesting people. When I get older and on my own I want to go to the Quileute tribe in Washington State and learn their culture.I might meet a native man that will care for me and love me forever!

Ah my dear, I wish you all the best in life and love. If you ever do meet a Quileute, take care not to fall for the first native boy you see. Judge people by who they are, not what color their skin is or how interesting and exotic their culture seems. The man you may one day spend your life with may not be Native at all, and that's fine, too. There are beautiful, wonderful men of every background.