Me And My Dog Living In The Forest.

 E Hun Tee, was my first learning experience, with living in the forest. The knowledge and skills, which included; Building cabins from the tree's of the forest. All in all, they included four sleeping cabins, a latrine, tool's and a chuck wagon, including a cooking pit and oven. The reward for completing our camp, was the privalege of choosen and adventure. Such as paddeling the swanie river and the everglades; Hiking fourteen peaks. Keep in mind that these privaleges did'nt come with out responsibilities; Like planing the trip, creating an itinerary, planing meals, ect. It was here at E-Hun-Tee, that i found a love of the forest. Weather the sun was shining or the ground was covered with a blanket of snow; If you were sad or happy. The forest brought everything into balance.

 Later on in life, I found myself with an oppurtunity to live in the forest again, but this time it was my choice. So with blue prints for a bunk house; From mother earth news. I phoned in a material list to the local mill and gave the location to where i wished the material to be droped. It was my good fortune that the mill owned a four wheel drive flat bed. So I loaded hand tools a rifle and my wilderness gear into my truck. Let me say the whole time barnabas was more excited then i was. Barnabas is my akita(dog). I was excited and scared as well. Here i was living in south florida and working for E.M.S, and i was taking a leave of absence; To go and live in the forest and build a bunk house, crazy but i did it. Seven and half months later. Barnabas and i returned to florida. Only to set off again a few months after my return. I just could not adjust back in to civilization.The applachian mountaines is where i spent another year 

darkrayne darkrayne
Feb 16, 2010