I Always Thought I Would Never Date Another Redhead

I am a natural Red Head and throughout my dating experiences have always avoided my fair skinned male counterparts like the plague (visions of super albino devil children dance in my head) However, my current boyfriend is a natural red and it has been the most rewarding experience of my life!

Its empowering when we walk through a crowd together knowing that people are probably looking at the 6'2 carrot top with his 5'2 red counterpart. We make a lovely pair and our personalities are so well matched its a wonder the world has not imploded from the after affects of the meeting of two awesomes.

I have always loved my hair and have used its charm to woo the hearts of many a red head enthusiast, and converts...but falling in love with my Red has been the most rewarding.


brittanyranee brittanyranee
2 Responses Jul 30, 2010

Awesome that you've made that connection. Thought about kids yet? Could a fluro bub be in the making??? Glow in the dark? Maybe that's when the universe implodes? <br />
Seriously though; great to hear your good news, best of luck.