My Identity

For years I had been picked on for my naturally red hair as a child.
Maybe it was just teasing, but because I'm so sensitive I didn't take it too well. My hair has really caused me some insecurities and I was always so caught up on the fact that it made me different. I don't look like the standard definition of beauty, but I'm starting to try to appreciate myself, and the identity I have and can continue to create, with my naturally red hair and all.
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1 Response Jan 14, 2013

Sweetie we are all truly Sparks of the Divine and therefore you are a part Goddess. You should not just accept and appreciate yourself you should honor, love, and celebrate yourself.

You are most welcome. And thank you for sharing pictures of yourself. You are truly are part Goddess. Your hair is almost glowing between the sun and the radiant smile in the one. You were quite breath taking to be honest.