What I Love...

I love the feeling of warm, dewy, soft grass when you walk barefoot.  I love the way both the cat and dog sleep in bed, every night, with me.  I love the way the harvest moon looks in the fall.  I love the complete trust and loyalty of pets.  I love the lake when it's springtime and the water level is low.  I love the way chipmunks are always busy.  I love the way great big maple trees look when you stand underneath and look up.  I love to watch my daughter catch ants, inspect them, and then let them go unharmed.  I love the way frogs always look like they're meditating on something important. 

   There's always more, it's just alot to type!


SpiritedKat SpiritedKat
26-30, F
1 Response Aug 6, 2007

beautiful! thankyou