Wing Beats.

It's nice to have little reminders that Planet Earth is just a piece of string in the great web of life that exists in an very orderly, on purpose way.  It brings me such comfort when I'm blessed enough to witness (very seldomly) these very acts of God or whatever you prefer to call it.  Very often these happen in nature...and my most recent to memory was last week...last Thursday February 6th 2009.  I was driving home from Milan with my the car listening to some Coldplay, enjoying the music.  The song was "The Scientist" and if you know it good, if you don't it's beautiful...and maybe you should listen to it one day.
Anyway...I looked out my car window and there were a flock of birds flying over a farming field...I noticed immediately that one bird was flapping to the rhythm of the song on regular tempo...I double took and noticed the perfect choreography of it's flaps to the music in utter surprise,...then I looked at another bird and it's wings were flapping perfectly to the rhythm but double time tempo to the song and I wish I could do this moment justice by typing it here...but I know I can't.  It was just so beautiful...that these two seemingly very separate events were interwoven and (in my opinion) by no coincidence.
Moments like this let me feel God in every ounce of my being.  I wish that I was able to access that feeling more...and I realize that this is an on-going process in life to access God in all that I do...and within the struggles to access God,  I was blessed to witness such a beautiful moment of nature connecting with human life.  I feel honored and restored with faith witnessing these free birds impeccably in sync with my music inside of the car...this is why I love nature...and I love being surrounded by it.  

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1 Response Feb 13, 2009

Do we have to look further to understand? Nature has provided it all for us. Thank you for this piece.