Nothing Is More Peaceful....

To me, there is nothing more peaceful that being surrounded by the wonders of nature. Being opened to a world that has been around for centuries...yet so few take the time to truely appreciate the gift of

taking in the sun glistening off a gently flowing stream, lieing on your back watching clouds drift by, sitting in the grass and watching the birds, listening as they sing their own song of praise for the Lord... if i sit...and get lost in the quietness of nature...the peace and beauty that lives, breathes, flourishes before my eyes...its almost as though i can hear God say..."and all these things i give to you..for your peace of mind, body, and spirit"

Nothing is more peaceful...than losing yourself in the beauty that naturally surrounds around us. its your mind and spirit....

myheartsong myheartsong
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2 Responses Mar 10, 2010

thank you =)

So true and beautifully said. All of nature is a creation of God. And I, as well as others, can see the beauty and magnificence in all of it.