There is much beauty in this modern world of ours.
But a true beauty can only be as natural as the stars.
A true beauty moment comes when one is by oneself.
Seeing the world through God's eyes: as a bounty of wealth.
To see the way the sun falls gently through the tall trees.
Or hear the way the wind sounds running through the leaves.
To see the patterns that play across the forest ground.
Or the way animals move without seeming to make a sound.
To feel the breeze softly caress your cheek.
Or to see a fish hanging from an Eagle's beak.
Oh sweet mercy is the break from world and strife.
Oh to hear all the glorious sounds of life!
The coast with its vast radiant seas.
Can echo this beauty as one inhales the salty breeze.
Looking out at the never ending stretch of blue.
And wishing you could extend to eternity too.
Following the boarder to the red horizon.
Watching as the golden sun, your mind enlighten.
See the things in the water great and small.
And knowing underneath are mountains still reaching tall.
Feeling the cool waves wash against your chilled toes.
Yet your body warm with a peace the ocean grows.
Looking at the sun rising over the glistening waves.
Salt air dampening and staining the hidden caves.
Hope for immortality the ocean paves.
Surely the purest of all emotions, and the truest of all inspiration has taken place in beautiful, untamed, peaceful: Nature
Tryingtobebrave Tryingtobebrave
18-21, F
Dec 16, 2012