Coming Home

Was living in a big city and not very happy. Things just weren't going my way. I know now, I just hadn't found my place yet.  By place I mean where one belongs, a location in the world that makes your spirit soar, makes you feel light, alive and joyful. I worked with a fellow that talked about retiring to the Quachita(Wah chee ta) mountains, the oldest mountain range in the continental U.S.  Between jobs, and I had a lot of em, I took a trip to the Quachitas and spent 2 weeks there, during the fall. I had never seen such beauty. There were a lot of animals wandering  about on the property when I found it, and I can't explain it but the deer spoke to me that day. I went into the town 20 miles away and closed the deal. Bought a plot of land out in the National Forest. Bought a few no hunting signs and went back out there the next day. I nailed up the signs. I spent about an hour walking around the land and when I was leaving, a large Buck jumped out of the forest from the land and trotted along about 20 feet in front of my car for about a half mile. I interpretted it as recognition and gratitude as he trotted along looking back at me several times never hurrying to get out of the way. When we reached the property boundary, he looked back once more and left the road stopping a few feet away and watched as I drove away. I thought it uncanny at the time, but now I'm sure they do this with everyone if they do not feel threatened. If a person expects them to act wierd thats what they will witness, wierd deer, and if one expects them to act otherwise they do. They are intelligent animals. I have had them walk up to me in the wild. Some of you know what I'm talking about.  Deer season is approaching and no doubt they will be very skiddish.

Anyway about a year after I bought that land I moved to the Ozarks and lived in the woods for about 10 years, raising 2 sons. They are both in their thirties now, and both are very comfortable outdoors. One lives in the mountains of Northern Arizona. Me, I'm back in the Ozarks after going back and working another twenty years in the big city. Cities make people sick and crazy. Nature heals and brings peace. If a person will take the time and watch, nature will put on one hell of a show.

Tomorrow morning when I arise there will be a flock of 50 or so wild turkeys outside, and 10 - 20 deer. They have no fear of me, and I do not threaten them. My neighbors down the road have not seen any turkeys and very few deer. They are not looking . . . The critters are everywhere. Stop, be still and listen to what is being said to you, not just from people but from . . . . Na . . tur . . .  g o d.                                                                                                         

 There        is           no           difference.

I've found my place . . . how bout you?

RUHappy RUHappy
56-60, M
3 Responses Sep 29, 2007

I have found my place.........mountains, meadows, woods, and even a stream with brook trout in it. I know where the deer trails are. I know where the fox dens are. I know where the kestrels nest. I know what you mean.

I can so relate. Raised in the beautiful mountains of WV, and there is a spiritual high you get in these mountains that words cannot describe. I have let little ground squirrels destroy my yard, but I guess my house was just built in their world. Love a hard rainstorm in the mountains, and love the way it sounds and feels, and the clean smell of the air afterwards.

Beautiful, peaceful story. I'm glad you have found your place. I keep asking myself, "Where is my Walden Pond"? Living in Southern CA - has changed a lot since I was a little girl.