My Doggy Maverick

My dog Maverick has been with my family since May of 1999. Ever since I moved out here, he has always been a happy uplifiting animal that we always have enjoyed him being around us. But now he is dying of cancer we belive it is. Either that or a fatty tumor. Every night he cries and moans, he can't even walk up or down the stairs anymores. He needs help wherever he goes and it is just to depressing to look at him anymore. He breathes heavily and I do not want him to go. He is apart of this family and we all love him so very dearly. I don't know what I will do is he goes away. :'(
hang in there Maverick<3.
SuperDuperBecky SuperDuperBecky
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 27, 2010

awwww :( did u guys take him to the vet?