Am Very Spiritual...

I really like nature in general.I have a really open mind and heart and I feel like I gain positive energy from nature. I love the ocean, the trees, ponds, lakes, everything about it. I also like the fresh smell after it rains. I remember I was walking along a trail surrounded by trees, and I saw a deer. It was just staring at me and I was so close to it. My first intention was just stare at it too but I got scared and ran the other way, lol I wasn't scared of the deer tho. I was scared because it popped up on me and I was shocked by it but that was a beautiful thing.
Val3ntine Val3ntine
18-21, F
2 Responses Jul 29, 2010

thanks angelinadee! Nature is really a beautiful thing :D

i love your story, I love all the things about nature too, and feel at home most when I have trees and the sound of nature around me.