Dragonflies Divebombing Me

i was mowing the lawn tonight when dragonflies appeared out of nowhere. they started divebombing me, or so i thought, because lord knows, it's all about me sometimes. i think i was actually stirring up food for them, so i kept mowing and watching them doing some amazing aerial manuevers(sp?). i can see how people cut off body parts when they aren't paying attention to where they're going. i was almost sorry to be done mowing, almost. how many times have i missed seeing that before now, i wonder?
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9 Responses Aug 5, 2010

Wow...you guys all educated me today..I knew that hummingbirds were aggressive with each other but I did not know about the dragonflies! Seeeee..This rationalizes my EP time as it is educational! lol<br />
Great story!

Interesting. Now I need a supply of dragonflies to feed.

Mosquitoes live in the grass, this is why keeping your lawn short and tidy keeps away the darn things. When you cut the grass it stirs the mosquitoes up and gives the dragonflies a feast. At that perfect time of the day, usually in the evening when the dragonflies are out they can and will go crazy for the feast that you have supplied for them.

Monarda and globe thistle. Thanks, I'll have to remember this, as I have a few empty spots in my yard :)

that would be a nice gesture. they can eat more of them if they wish LOL

They eat mosquitoes. Perhaps they were protecting you :)

i hope we will always be so lucky to be able to watch their antics in love and war. i grow as many plants that they like as i can find. the monarda is a favorite as well as the globe thistle. amazing to see the hummers insert their bills so precisely into the throat of the minute florets of the thistle, one at a time.

Oh yes, dragonflies are fun to watch! Their movements always seem to be precisely calculated versus a normal bug just flying around aimlessly. I'm lucky to have a yard that attracts both dragonflies and hummingbirds. What is even more interesting is watching either interacting within their species, especially mating displays or territorial aggression.

they are magnificent creatures grunt 101, you are so right. i like to watch them as well as the hummingbirds. they have some of the same movements. hummers are much more aggressive than they appear to be as well.<br />
thank you for the haiku.