I Love Nature

Nature is so beautiful.I love to go into the woods and walk that is where I am at peace most.I love to look for animal tracks and new flowers or leaves.
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I would love to do that but usually that is about the time AI get ready for work unless I am sick,

I also love nature . nothing nicer than having a walk at about 4:30 AM

I love all animals tame or wild doesnt matter to me.

When you talk to an animal, they're not waiting for you to finish so that they can try to one-up you. They are either simply there with you, expressing love for you (pets) or they're going about their life, and found you of interest (wild animals). Either way, the motive is pure.

I prefer talking to animals to people because people talk to much you think you trust someone then they tell stuff they shouldnt have but animals you can tell them as many things as you want and they will never tell because they cant.

I can think of a few reasons to like animals more than people! ;-)

I love nature because it is one of the few places I truely feel safe like nothing would harm me even though I know there is things out there that could.

I really love nature because all that i see makes me stand in reverence awe to God. Dear Lord how great thou art. Thank you so much

Find a country road park off the road and just walk until you feel at peace then go back to your everyday life it stinks that the city doesnt have much nature