Nature Is My Name

Most folks around my little Arkansas town call me Nature Nanny.  That is because I write a weekly article for our local newspaper called "From Nature Nanny's Garden."  I write little stories about God and nature, life in the country and so on.  I have written a book by the same title.  I can't afford to get it published yet though, unless someone knows of a publishing company that pays you instead of the writer paying them?

Anyway, I love nature, walking creekbeds when they are dried up looking for ancient artifacts, tools, etc.  My grandchildren love to explore with me.  We put on our rubber boots and off we go with pail in hand.  we alwys come back with something interesting.

OH,,,,, and the wild blackberries - to die for.  We've picked them by the bucketful and make jelly and cobblers.  What an awesome way to use what nature has so freely given us.  My 10 year old grandson made the last batch of jelly.  It was so sweet to watch him stirring the pot until it was ready to pour into jars.  Of course he had to give some jars to his friends.  I hope he remebers these things when he is grown.  Making memories is important.

Gardening is a love of mine.  I am old fashioned and still can vegetables for my family to eat during the winter months. 
I am glad God made me the way He did.   

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1 Response Aug 11, 2010

That was very interesting. Its good to see you enjoy what you do and share it with everyone :)