Nature Overlooked?

I love the initial shock you get when you experience nature that is completely foreign to what you're used to.
As much as you try and comprehend what you're actually seeing, it looks just that little bit too surreal, like you're looking at a postcard.
Indonesia is my favourite place for getting lost in that kind of  headspace. You could take a 5 minute mo-ped ride in from the uncomfortably humid coast and all of a sudden arrive through the entrance of a huge valley blanketed with the thickest rainforst you've ever seen where the surrounding mountains dissappear into the clouds so majestically that you expect 10 feet tall blue aliens to jump out on bizarre looking horse-like animals and greet you with a friendly 'I see you'.
I dont think people want to see these places enough.
Vacations to italy and france inspire a romantic fantasy of a perfect vacation which is understandable; but to truly see a place so natural looking and perfect that it startles you is something else, its not man made, its just as it is.
AnyaPez AnyaPez
18-21, F
Aug 14, 2010