Watch and Learn

Thoughts from Stuart Wilde's writing that say what I feel:

Your power is in silence.There is great power in solitude. Retreat to silence and the quiet world of the forest. Walk gently in nature every day. Stay aligned to the rhythms of nature.  Be with nature and yourself.Watch and learn.
datura datura
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A marvellous quote

I'm glad of the trees. I'm glad of the wind. I'm glad of the sun. I'm glad of the night. I love the sky. Even if I don't get to see super fantastic natural landscapes, I know that I love nature. I just have to look up and look around. And then it's like I can feel God at work everywhere. Even human beings and even animals, i know they're a part of nature. When I gaze at nature, the roads disappear and the plastics and the houses and buildings. I could only feel the wind, or the gentle rain. And I would thank God for it. I feel part of it. Part of earth. Part of creation. I'm not alone. I'm a part of something. Something bigger than the small details of life that I'm so worried about. Than the things that cause me stress. Than the problems that make me wanna die.

Beautiful comment, ServantLove.

Nicely penned...See how nature - trees, flowers, grass- grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence... We need silence to be able to touch souls...:)

That was beautiful, gr8. You have a way with words :-)

Thank you, datura I apprteciate your words...:)

Thanks Ambivilent!

Excellant advice! Not many people think about it, less do it!

Thank you so much for thinking of me, Sophrai. I'm watching it and enjoying it very much.

Hello Datura,<br />
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Wanted to share with you something I found on the internet; Eckhart Tolle at the Findhorn Retreat in Northern Scotland. It's the entire 4 hour invitation, absolutely free.<br />
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I've never heard this message conveyed any better. I thought you might enjoy it, too.<br />
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lovely, big sis

Quiet wisdom. I like that, springinmeadow . Wisdom is quiet, I think!<br />
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You;re welcome, Luda. Glad you liked it.<br />
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Trailguide, I have mental image of you and your girl out there in the silent woods enjoying the beauty and peacefulness. Wonderful!

The woods this time of the year are in deep silence... so beautiful in it's own way :)

VERY NICE ♥♥♥ ! Thank you Datura.

Thank YOU for your quiet wisdom that brings thoughts of serenity. Sometimes I get pain (now) and I saw their was a new comment. Re- reading this helps. And Phul you are so right money will get me one way or another if I let it and I need that reminder also, thank u bless all .

Hi Connifer. I actually do have several trees that I commune with on a daily basis--among them a huge century maple with a strong and steady presence, a black willow that overhangs my pond and on whose leaning trunk I am invited to perch over the water and be engulfed in a gentle healing energy. A Concolor fir with the fragrance of sweet oranges whose soft needles calm and soothe. Oh, yes--I know exactly what you are saying.<br />
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Springinthemeadow, I share my time in nature with my cats, but I imagine a horse would be a wonderful companion! thanks for sharing a bit of your world.

I feel the same, if I dont get solitude I am not a happy c amper. I get a kick out of wildflowers, butterflies, deer and the like. I am not quite alone though, Iam with my horse. He is a sweetheart. I now hear frogs, crickets and coyotes. thank you for sharing this beautiful poem and allof you for sharing your, expereinces, I will check this author out.

There is truth in LIVING this truth (about Nature).<br />
While you are walking alone in the woods, find an evergreen tree.<br />
Stand silently next to it and breathe deeply, calming yourself.<br />
Then, extend your thumb and 1st two fingers, touching the very tip of one branch.<br />
Stay calm. Continue to breathe deeply. Close your eyes.<br />
You will eventually feel the effects of touching the living aura of the tree.<br />
Email me and tell me what you experienced...especially while you sleep that night.

Hi Phul. Yes, nature really does help us to remember and get back to what is real and true. Thanks for your comment!

Nature in all its wonder is a opportunity to reboot my self to what is true and real. Unlike the propensity of man to decieve the truth, lie, take what not is his for his own self enrichment and greed. For in truth, money is the root of all evil. For there are no banks in God's house. You are born with two feet to take you on many journey's. You are born with two hands for you to carry what you need. You are born with two eyes, to see two different views, right and wrong. You were born with one soul, as not to be confused with right and wrong.

Datura & FT,<br />
Everyday I wake up and try to live by both and manage to perpetuate failure. lol<br />
<br />
Datura, I also did landscaping and renovations and they were my favorite and most emotionally rewarding. I would prefer in these later years to be outside. I spent too many years in the corporate uniform attempting to conform.

This reminds me of a cruder axiom in my circle but it does have similar sentiments.<br />
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"It is better to keep your mouth shut and let others think you are an idiot rather than opening your mouth and letting them know for sure."

mine also, Trailguide. I have worked for many years as a landscape designer and construction foreman. Different than your work, I'm sure, but still working with plants and trees and soil. Still outside in the rain, in the sun, in the fresh air.

I do real estate permitting and consulting.About two weeks ago i live in northeast usa. I was walkind some property lines and came across a black bear with in about 50 feet plus or minus and up wind. And watched it eat acrons stocking up for the winter. It noticed me and looked at me and we looked at each other for a while and i finally sat down against a tree and the bear continued eatind acorns for about the next 20 minutes and slowly walk away. That had to been the most peaceful afternoon i had in a long time. It was great to watch as i see animals all the time but it was just the bear and i.

Absolutely true, Findinme. It's crucial to my well-bing to spend time in nature and reflection.

I just read Stuart Wilde's book 'Miracles'. Very uplifiting message for change in one's live.<br />
<br />
I have always loved the solitude in nature. It gives me time to search my higher self and helps me to clear out the irrelevant stuff bogging me down.