Thank you Lord for I am not blind, I can see your beautiful creation.
The reflection of the moon in the water,
the pretty sunset and sunrise,
and those lovely sparkling stars at night.

Thank you Lord for I am not deaf, I can hear the music of nature.
The cool whistling wind that blows on my face,
the sound of waves in the sea,
those birds singing in the woods.

*We should be thankful for every single thing that God have created for us. Appreciate the beauty of the world, take care of it. Live your life to the fullest. Learn to enjoy simple things and celebrate your life by loving this wonderful nature.*
CatGurll CatGurll
31-35, F
4 Responses Jul 11, 2011

you yourself are one of the prettiest creation of god

Thank you :)

you are welcome sweetheart.
can we be friends

Of course!

EP search my lyric, All The Winders Of The Universe<br />
<br />

Many of us need this reminder, to be thankful for the things we take for granted.

What a great map of life! If we could only embrace this concept .. life would become such an amazing and beautiful experience. No darkness could ever destroy!!! Thanks ^=^