Open Your Eyes!

I wish I could slap some people really, people who mope around, wrapped up in themselves, I want to tell them to open their eyes, feel the majesty of it all! Go lay in a park, a field, a forest, look in the grass, climb a tree, see what's really there. Everything under the sun has a purpose, a reason for being, go find yours!
themeanderthal themeanderthal
26-30, M
1 Response Oct 7, 2011

Would not slap them, but really encourage people to beware of the beauty around them in nature. I am not a tree hugger, but I love to watch trees in a heavy wind, snow, or thunderstorm. I am a cloud,star, and weather freak. I see the beauty and power of God in them. And they radiate into my soul.

Thanks for the comment! I love the weather too, it's very changeable where I am, and I'm lucky enough to be close to the countryside and plenty of wildlife :)