Thankful And In Awe

I love days like this when it's overcast and with a light drizzle, it brings out the brown and golden colors of the back yard. I stand by my window in the breakfast room taking in the beauty of nature, when my eye catches, to the right of me, a stag with it's magnificent antlers, lying down under a tree. I gaze to my left, and there is a rabbit sitting there, doing nothing in particular, just sitting in the rain. I stand there looking from one to the other. I take in the trees, the grass and cloud filled sky, and the hue of color it creates on my own doorstep. I am in awe of  the beauty which is in front of me. It's scenes like this that warm my soul and help me through the sad days that permeate my life. 
Carissimi Carissimi
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5 Responses Nov 7, 2011

How fantastic to be able to see such a great spectrum of nature in your yard! From one of the largest to the smallest creatures! I was on my porch one afternoon and a large hawk swooped down very low and flew through my yard. It was amazing to see him up close like that. That is the wildest animal who has crossed my path at this house. I did have a hunter walk up out of the woods. I assume he went in to deer hunt. I wondered if they walk into the woods, if they got a deer, how would they get it out? There must be a way to drive in at some other spot i guess. Just random thoughts about the hunters. Nature scenes are so refreshing. I love feeling the sun and wind when i sit outside and view mine. I also love the image you have made. Love the photography scenes that many photographers post on the internet. Our beautiful world :)

Yes, in that respect I am blessed. Thank you for your comments.

You're ability to paint a picture in one's mind is wonderful! Good ole country comfort!

Thank you.

This is great writing :D It makes me glad to know so many people also appreciate nature!<br />
Nature is wonderful~ <3

Thank you. Yes it is wonderful.

Now that's a real compliment coming from you, being a writer yourself. Thank you very much. :)

great writing, really visual IMO. thanks for sharing