So Looking Forward to Spring

So i can start opening my windows and really doing some  cleaning not only in the house but in my spiritual house too ....  i always write better outside and  spending time at the campground it just  gives me such a wholesome free feeling ...  I cant wait  to start feeling free again .. winter makes me feel so trapped ..  i love spring and fall summer is okay but im not much for the humid weather here in Ohio .
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6 Responses Mar 6, 2007

Hello, thank you for your story, I am going to go out in Nature everyday, I live in S. Calif and there isn't any reason for me to be inside, I also like writing so I will bring my writing materials and write, I like to write about anything that comes to mind. I love to look at the colors in nature, and I also find that camping relaxes me and gives me a freedom to just be.

I look forward to Spring every year. Love seeing the first robin each year. It is Summer here now, but we have been having a cool spell this week. Got my windows open airing out the house. Good for the utility bill too. ;)

So nice to 'feel' your lines.... I can see myself in the breeze of spring, inhale the fresh new ideas, fill up my lungs with new hopes and wishes.......

I agree 100% I love that I can open the window and feel a nice spring breeze when I clean.

I couldn't agree more. There is no better feeling that being outdoors during the fall...the weather is warm and the breeze is cool. This is even better when you are with family and friends all enjoying this au natural.

I feel better outdoors too I like fresh air and sunshine