The Miracle Of Nature

Recently I have experienced a great deal of loss in my life. Although I try to keep my head up and maintain a somewhat positive attitude, even the strongest people sometimes break. So I call upon what few true friends I have left when I am in need of support. Knowing that I am a nature lover and have been unable to get out into it as I so needed to do lately, my friend takes me to the most amazing places I have ever experienced. I was awe struck in the presence of the spirit, as I stood on what we concidered to be holy ground. A place where no one is judged, there is only love, and mundane problems just melt away. As I stood in the middle of this whirl wind transformation taking over me, I felt an ever so soft blanket of peace settle over me. The trees swayed back and forth as if to say welcome home, we've been waiting for you. I finally had the connection that I had so desparately needed during my trialing times. As I stood there caught up in the moment, my friend urges me to follow her on to the next destination of our journey together this day.

The next stop was just as amazing as the first. My head was so up in the clouds from my spiritual experience from the holy ground that I needed to ground myself. So I leaned up against a tree and admired the beauty of the babbling creek I was standing next to. The water rushed over the moss covered stones below as the sun shimmered down through it revealing the brilliant clearity. Noticing my friend walking onward, I followed only to find the waterfall singing the most beautiful song I had ever heard. As she had even more to show me, we went on to an even bigger waterfall fed by a natural spring. The water cool, crisp, clean; my spirit as light as a feather. My heart had forgotten all that had happened in the last five months. We walked on, crossing an open field surrounded by a boarder of tree-lined hills. On the other side of the field was a path. We walked it slowly, admiring the serenity. As I looked around I noticed that we were walking in the valley between two ginormous hills. All along the floor of the forrest were moss covered trees and rocks. I related this to Mother Earth taking them back so that She could regenerate them to live again. I shared my view with my friend and expressed to her that symbolically we were doing the same thing. Giving all of our trials and turbulations, heart-aches and pain, suffering and frustration back to the Mother Earth. As we walked through this valley we could feel all of those negative things just falling from us.

This much needed journey lead to and enlightenment of just how necessary it is to connect with nature on a regular basis. The events and surprises of everyday life, be them good or bad, always take energy from you. In order to rejuvinate your body, mind and soul I think it is required, or at least for me it is, to connect to nature regularly. I felt so refreshed and cleansed when I returned back to my everyday life, it was truly amazing!
StephyJo1005 StephyJo1005
36-40, F
Feb 17, 2012