Nature Is My Passion

When your somber and lonely eyes,
Can no longer look up to the skies ...
And everyone has stopped hearing your cries,
When every tear drop falls to the earth ...
And you've forgotten your worth,
Fall to the ground, and let nature embrace you.
Lay on the Terra, and nature will save you.
Bare your vulnerabilities,
In the safety, and protection of the trees.
When you have no one left,
Join nature in her caress ...
Let the trees give you, just one last breath.
And with this chance,
You know you can,
Look to those skies,
And finally arise.
You've always had ...
What you will always need.
You've had yourself and every single tree ...

`If you feel alone when you're out there Wolf, I'll be the fox waiting at home for you. I love you.`
LittleMoonFox LittleMoonFox
18-21, F
4 Responses Feb 17, 2012

Great stuff. All we need is nature. very true. back to the earth from whence we came

Always ...

very beautiful words put together there i can feel the passion.

;-; Thank means a lot to me...I love you too my fox..


This is great and I loved it! It is so how I feel alot of times and I like to listen to the stream of water to calm me down and the listen to the wind. Thanks for sharing

:) I am happy to