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Q & A answered by Harry Devon Johnson - Social Security specialists

How some innocent people fall victim?:

Many people fall victim to not receiving their Mental health awards because of a simple fact that most people don't understand when they get deniable. You can Apply for social security over and over with back to back files of your exact mental health disability. And also taking medicine over and over, and that won't be enough to get you awarded. Though If you have an RFC stating everthing that you told your doctor and social security, you are guarnteed to win no matter what - and also on your first time applying. Many websites online do not tell you this. They say that you have to be going threw doctors for years at a time just to get on. This is a hidden term meaning, they way you don't understand the education of getting awarded that you may end up taking three years or a year to get awarded. Look at this form below: You may have seen this form before at your citys well fare department, your citys child support department or any other business that deals with social services. This is the mandatory form that gets you ssi. The education states that there is no machines or anything else to make sure that if peopel here vocices or not. So they go by this form and forms titled rfc to determine if they are disabled. Nothing else will get you in.

How to have an RFC mental Filed out?:

This is insider info this may be the only website online that tell these exact truths about social security. The RFC form is supposed to be filled out by a doctor however you can fill the form out your self and your word goes as good as the doctors; how is this you could be asking. It's this simple DDS Are doctors/physcians and they will except your word on the RFC but will not except your word from Doctors and Physcinas unless the doctors are packing this RFC form Two.

What is on an RFC mental form and what is the proper way to pass the test?:

The RFC mental form Consists of numerous questions. Question 1. Carry Out simple instructions. Next to each question is a set of boxes that can be checked one box states: None - another box states mild another box states moderate limited another box states Marked limited and the last box states extreme marked limited. Social Security haves very strict rules on this form. None means you have no limitation. Social security expects you to be marked limited or higher extreme limited some RFC mental forms vary but in order to pass you have to be very, very very limited. And that meaning that all questions on this form should be checked @ marked limited or extremely marked limited. Moderate limited means your restricted in some areas but that you're still functioning properly. Social security does not play if you say on these forms any time that you answer these questions in these areas @ all health and social sources with your mouth when you talk to them or fill this form out with your hands if they hand you one. They will consider that you can still work and denigh your case no matter what and it will not change no matter what unless you get an RFC Mental form and or RFC Physical form or both stating that you are limited in all areas or most, your going to need to be limited.

What are some of the questions on the test?
How do you?

1.Understand and remember simple questions
2.Carry out simple instructions
3.The ability to make judgments on simple work related Decisions
4.Understand and remember complex instructions
5.Interact appropriately with the public
6.Interact appropriately with the supervisors
7.Interact appropriately with co-workers

This educational site was made by Harry Devon Johnson. This site has strictly factual evidence. This sight is not like where they lie about social security education. Allsup only deals with S.S.D.I meaning that S.S.D.I cases goes by work credit only. Theres nothing an attorney or Representative can do - because you have to at-least work a certain amount of time under Social Security. If you didint wok enough. You don't get paid.

My next fact is there is no possible way to apply for work credits separate. You have to at-lease apply for disability as far as S.S.I ( Social Security Income) First off allsup on they website uses's S.S.I disability education, when they was supposed to be using s s d i education which mean they would have had to tell the truth that it's going strictly by work credits and they are getting a fee not on helping you but because you automatically have to work long enough only.I have called them on the phone and they say that they don't do ssi case''s they state they only do cases for work credits. If you was a smart consumer you would go strictly threw Social Security instead of allsup and keep all of your money and not let these criminals get away with what they are doing.

This that more the average and common way to get money threw social security are ssi and ssdi. That meaning 90 percent of the world receives 1 check monthly or either two checks monthly - one check goes by work credits - you have to have worked long enough under SS to get this check the other check is disability check. Disability checks comes on the first of the month.( meaning all disability possible under social security) If the first falls on a Saturday or Sunday they checks will be issued on Friday.

All other payments which is ssdi though only countin two payment ways; ssi, ssdi. ssdi Payments comes out on the the third of the month. People recieving checks on the third of the month have achieved all work credits needed. People who recieve check on the first has achieved being disabled by a certified Social security worker and dds. Disability determination services. No disability check can be issued with out dds saying that it's ok for the social security worker to award the checks. However S.S.D.I cases can be awarded an issued strictly by the social security workers without D.D.S; because it's based on work credits.

This web site is more based on receiving S.S.I disability threw mental health analysis even though we use other disability methods - our goal and objective is to help people and family's get the money they deserve. Harry Devon Johson is a very skilled representative of Social Security Administration. He has read hundreds and hundreds of pages of books and online material and read test and education on what it takes to become a social security worker. Harry Devon Johnson Does not work for SSA because he's self employed and has other means of working for social security - paid ways and not paid ways. He's certified to Know the exact way to get the money you deserve.

If you use this website as intended and we planned - you will come out having more money from S.S.A it's a fact. You'll will not have to use a lawyer because we know everything the lawyers know and you are only losing money because of lawyer fees. If you have seen an A.L.J and was deniable - you will never see another one if you pay attention and understand what we are saying in this website; About Mental heath case's.

We're not against lawyers getting money - but lawyers all ready have good jobs and real good income. And some people applying prefer to have more money. We didn't create the education, we just know the education.

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