Nature, My First Love

What draws me to nature I know not. It was love at first sight. Looking at a tree against the backdrop of the sky while reading a book transported me to a different world devoid of mundane things. Oceans, waterfalls, streams, rivers, mountains, valleys and all the flora and fauna attracted me.  I took to birdwatching and read books, apart from spending time gathering information about anything that was nature.
The fascination remains today and I spend time watching National Geographic, Animal Planet and Discovery  channels.
Wandering all over the world and photographing animals and plants was my dream and still remains that -- an unattainable dream.
Where are the sparrows
As a boy, I would feed sparrows and watch them for hours together, as they fed and bathed themselves in the bird bath I provided. Sparrows were my world.
My love for sparrows was so much that once as a schoolboy I pretended that I was sick and stayed home to see a pair of sparrows build a nest inside our house. They would freely nest in the lofts in our houses and, poor things, some of the unlucky ones would be hit in a fan and die.
I read in newspapers about World Sparrows Day and I am saddened that my dear friends are on the decline. The cellphones signals had cut their numbers, they say. Multi-storied buildings have deprived them of nesting places too.
The bigger birds like crows and pigeons have survived whereas the sparrows, unable to adapt themselves, are dwindling. Now I see them only in photographs.
There are many species around the world which are on the wane and the brink of extinction.
I spare a thought for the bountiful Nature that provides us with everything we need.
lonelycloud36 lonelycloud36
41-45, M
Mar 29, 2012