A Day Well Spent

Today was a great day.

I spent the afternoon painting a tree, and when I finished with that, I still had plenty of daylight left, so I didn't want to head home. I just put all my stuff in the car and headed out into the woods. No sketch book, no camera, no water, no food, no nothing. No phone, or mp3 player, no technology, no purpose, no goal, no destination, no time limit.

I was able just to wonder. I wasn't looking for something to paint, or taking pictures of every little thing I came across. I wasn't trying to get to the top of a mountain or the bottom of a watershed. I wasn't doing anything, apart from nothing.

Walking a bit, looking at the spring plants rising out of the leaf litter. Sitting down here, sitting down there. Walk some more, stop and listen to the river, skip a rock and then move on. It was very liberating because I normally usually carry a sketch book with me. My eyes are always on the lookout for things to paint, but today I didn't have that worry in the back of my mind. It was just me and nature and plenty of time.

As the sun slowly set behind the trees, the air turned cooler in preparation for night time. The breeze settled down, the blue in the sky started to fade slowly and there wasn't a soul around. Just me and some birds. Chilling out after a long day of doing our thing.

It makes me realize just how important being outside is to me. After a long crappy winter with no snow and cold temps that forced me to stay inside, it's feels so refreshing to be able to stretch my legs outside and just roam. I don't think anything makes me happier then just wondering with no goal or objective and no schedule other than my own.

Hermey Hermey 36-40, M 13 Responses Apr 6, 2012

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Love this post. Thanks for sharing.

I think you learned that it's very relaxing when you have no goal and just enjoy the journey. It's very simple and hard cause no one seem to have the time to these kind of things. We somehow all need a goal to do a thing. Even if it's as small as moving furniture.

I loved the way you described this experience, I could feel it a bit! :)

Nice !

good jop

I, sadly can't remember when I last did this...4...5...years ago? And the real beauty here is that you appreciate it all....bravo,hermiston!

you're just trying to embarrass me

I could not tell you the last time I did this. What a wonderful thing to be completely unincumbered.

yeah, it's a good feeling. I need to do it more often

When your purposes change, your viewpoint does as well. I am glad that you did not sketch that day; that you wandered and appreciated the beauty-sheer, plain, breathtaking beauty-of nature itself. Hats off to you, my friend. Thank you for your posting.

Thats why i love my nature walks, it calms my soul! So peaceful, the sounds and the beauty all so breathtaking!

I could not live in the city, i would go nuts!

I understand that feeling... the city has its time and place, but I feel more alive and more myself out in nature.

I hear ya me too!

Great story...sounds so wonderfully relaxing...

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being in nature whether it is in the bush or by the sea.. is the only time i sense there may be a god! it is food for my soul. sounds like you had a wonderful day!

Yes, spending time alone with nature in the woods/forests can be refreshing every once in a while.