I Love Nature

No matter where Iam. I think every place of nature is beautiful. You just have to look for the beauty.
Redotter Redotter
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I totally agree. Especially love the mountains and the fresh air. And I love to travel, but sadly can't afford it. When I get eyes on beautiful landscape, I take picture of them.

Please correct my english if I have made any mistake. Thanks :D

I agree, when I'm out in nature, it's a weight off my shoulders, a place for me to unwind. I live in the desert, even it has a beauty all its own.

Yes nature is very beautiful to me. Last night sitting outside talking to my lover on the phone I was also admiring the beautiful sunset. Nature added to her beautiful voice, they both kind of coinsided to multiply the beauty of the moment.

I agree 100%. There is beauty in everything if we justtopmlong enough to see it.

Very nice redotter :) I feel that way about nature too. It is so easy to find beauty in nature and peace and tranquility. Things i value so much in my life. Nice to meet you and thanks for fanning me new friend :)

I love to be outside. I love to camp. I am also a nudist/naturalist. Being in the woods camping, and being naked at the same time is the closest I can get to nature. I love it. lol

You can find beauty in everything if you look.

So very true!

I agree with Charlie1960,nature is something you do tune into,having become out of tune,and as you start to tune in to it,it becomes easier and easier to do.I especially love the birds.

Yeah I totally agree with you. When you are in tune with nature, you stop, look, listen and you see so much more. It's all around us and a thing that makes me smile.

Yes, you are so right. Everywhere I have been has it's own special beauty.

So very true. Most people dont stop to look and take in the sights since we live in such a fast society....kinda sad really

Mother nature is full of wonderful surprises in the most unexpected places.

Nice first post, look forward to seeing how you progress ;-)