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It's My Escape

I was fortunate to grow up close to nature. Our home was surrounded by woods, creeks, ponds, river and fields. I often felt most comfortable out by myself wandering around deep in the woods just exploring and contemplating, sometimes my dog would accompany me. One of my favorite pastimes in the summer was to get my backpack and pack it with a blanket, my lunch and a good book and head down to the river and spend the afternoon reading and listening to the water.
Now days I don't have access as I did so I often settle for going to a beach close by. I have fa avorite spot that people don't generally venture to and I'll sit on the shore and just enjoy the water.
Nature has always been such a calming place for me.
MmmBabi MmmBabi 46-50, F 2 Responses Apr 19, 2012

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Yes, nature has a calming effect I just can't get in any other way. Good story. :~)


I usually try to take a few minutes every day to enjoy the peace of nature at one of my favourite spots.

I get to drive next to the lake almost every day, even looking at it for a short time makes me happy ; )

We have to make the most of the chances we have

I agree, there's always just a little extra time per day to 'smell the roses' of nature.