Blissful Mornings

Since I'm no longer capable of taking nature walks, I get most of my dosage of the outdoors on my back deck.
I sit outside most mornings with my laptop as I check email and EP. Most of the time, the only non-nature sounds are the ones made by my computer (typing and music) and the occasional airplane. There is also a train track in the distance - far enough that it isn't annoying but more of the romantic whistle of trains when he gets to the crossings.
From my porch, the view includes mostly trees but I can see a bit of the creek-fed pond where we swim and fish for bream.
I watch the squirrels romp and play while listening to bird-song.
We have robins, mocking birds, bluebirds, bluejays, cardinals, brown thrashers, crows, blackbirds, finches, wrens hawks, owls and woodpeckers.
In season, the hummingbirds stop by my feeders and give me quite a show.
A lot of mornings, I can see my family of whitetail deer going to or from the pond. I've never located their actual home but there is a medium-sized buck with two does and right now, two foals.
There are also raccoons, opossums, rabbits, fox, skunks, armadillos, turtles, coyotes, bobcats, chipmunks and wood rats running around but I rarely see any of them except the armadillos, turtles, chipmunks and rats.
I love being around people but I'm also a private enough individual that I adore being out here with just me and Amber and the wildlife.
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6 Responses May 7, 2012

Sounds beautiful! I know I have spent plenty of money to rent cabins with that kind of serenity.

This sounds amazing and so peaceful, tranquil...I am envisioning these little critters all over...sounds like great mornings to me:) ...

glatobemad, you are lucky to have so many lovely animals around you. do write what they do.

Really??<br />
You know dude you made me think about my life.I should try the same thing as you did but the problem is I cant escape I have exams near.

What blissful surroundings!<br />
Lucky you<br />
I live here in The Middle East Amman Jordan<br />
We have the largest variety of Flora and Fauna in the world<br />
People still think of it as all dessert but the truth is the countryside is beautiful<br />
During early Spring you will see Foxes,Vixens and their cubs<br />
Wild flowers including the rare Black Iris and gorgeous Poppies<br />
I would take my dogs and walk for miles<br />
Sorry that you are not able to get out for walks for whatever reason but the scents and sounds must be so up-lifting<br />
Have a good day<br />
And Hello to Amber!

Thank you for the nice comment.

Awww Do you want to adopt me. I love nature and where you live sounds really cool lol :D

I do love it here. To be able to escape from humanity can do a person good.