Nature Has Turned Into A Passion Now!

just taking a walk can always make me feel taking me years to find my true passion, other than my family and God ...after moving from to different states....we have settled hummm maybe maybe
Herbs have become a huge passion.....I wonder why when I was younger, I could have been about to have a business, Now after 3 spinal surgery it is hard for me to get on the groud and but I still do,
Loving herbs has lead me to learn all about the herbs I planted healing proteries, then that lead to their essential oils....I have note cards and paper everywhere....
I have always been creative, and would love to open a business one day, but having nerve damage sucks....but I push myself
last spring I planted lemon grass, it grew so large that I just cliped the plant to harvest instead of trying to put in a pot for winter...
Last spring i made lavender wands from the lavender that grows in my garden
I have made soaps and bath salts with dried herbs and essential oils...
I have started making pots from conrete and a few other things to be light weight for some plant this spring I made some stepping stone with imprints of wild ferns and it has turned into a huge passion and I would love to share this passion with others
hopefully one day I can open a store front....and give people lessons of the passion of being outside with the plant life...ok that is it this morning..
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2 Responses May 9, 2012

Thank you, chimbie and TodayNow....for reading about my would be an awesome day for me to go outside and do something<br />
but last night due to my spineal issues I am feeling sort of blue...but I will get over it soon<br />
<br />
Todaynow....I can't remember the but I use portland conrete, petmoss and spelling might be off on the can use anything as a mold in fact i have this trash can///tall one that I thought about using as a ba<x>se for a birdbath///you have to line what ever you chose to make sure it will come out of the mold///and make sure you let it dry long enough in the can create all kinds of need stuff///have fun

Beautiful! Being around nature is such a blessing. I think making the pots of concrete is an awesome idea. I have been toying with trying to make large bird baths (to put out on the ground) out of concrete, but have yet to get around to it. Is there a particular kind you use?