I Am Still The Little Girl Dreaming

I live in the city. I can't take nature walks. I can only ride around on my bike, when my mom says I can. When I grow up I wanna live in the country side. I hate the city. It's horrible! Ugh. The closest thing I have to nature is my backyard and my cats. That's it. I just wanna run around and play OUTSIDE! I love swimming. I read the book The Hunger Games (awsome book series im on the 2nd book) Katniss is always in the woods. I always wanted to just play there it sounds perfect. I love hearing birds and all the noises of the woods. I just gotta keep dreaming.
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2 Responses May 15, 2012

I hope ur dream comes true it is nice i was up north working with bears it was the best time i ever had

I use to live in the country with a backyard of woods. I use to hate it until I moved to the city. Now I miss hearing the birds and smelling the fresh air. I can understand how you can hate the city. I hope one day you can get to live with all the trees and birds you want.

Thank you! :)