How To Convert Video From Vro (dvd-recording) To Avi Files On Mac?

How to convert video from VRO (DVD-Recording) to avi files on Mac?

Convert vro files to avi on Mac which is created by DVD video recorders or camcorders with Mini-DVD disc is a tricky thing for most of the vro files owners. The VRO is the format used by DVD recorders for video recording. It is slightly different from standard DVD-VIDEO format, which is used for movies. To convert vro to avi on Mac you need the ideal tool names VRO to AVI Converter for Mac.

Mac VRO to AVI Converter can help you convert vro files to avi video on Mac in an easy way. You can try to rename VRO to mpg first, but when you do it, neither Premiere nor WMP can recognise this mpg whole, and it must losing a lot of segment. So convert vro to avi is necessary for you, VRO to AVI Converter for Mac can help you, and convert VRO to AVI without losing any quality, it is perfect and powerful, just try the best partner to convert vro to avi on Mac.
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May 18, 2012